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Counseling Approach

My approach to counseling is to foster a safe and supportive relationship where healing and growth can occur. I do that by being present and collaborating with you to create a plan that addresses your needs.


I believe that sensing our emotions and thoughts from the inside out can help to bring greater awareness of our patterns and what is keeping us from moving forward. I teach concrete tools to help you be able to do this.


I work with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. I work to help people address a wide variety of issues.





Body Image Issues

Relationship Issues

Parenting Concerns

Peer Pressure

Life Transitions

Divorce Death

Stress Anger

If you have scheduled a first appointment with Erika, please contact Billing Specialist, Susan Bryant prior to your first session to verify insurance benefits.

Hannah Cope

Medical Billing Specialist

Sunrise Medical Billing

Phone: 360-448-7260

Fax: 360-952-8135


Pricing & Cost

Most major health insurances are accepted



A small discount is offered to self-paying clients



Please call to discuss fees as they vary for different services

Phone Consultation

I believe a critical aspect of therapy is finding the right fit. Please call for more information.


30 minutes

Moving Inside Out in the News

Dealing with a traumatic event

Surviving sexual abuse

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