As a Mental Health Therapist, I feel honored to hold a space for people to examine the most intimate and profound parts of themselves. I think movement and dance offers another pathway for people to access their best and most full selves. Integrating the two, dialogue and mindful reflection, with movement, is the most embodied way to heal.

I created Emerge Empower as a format to offer these two modalities. This group structure combines dialogue and group process with movement and body connection. The focus of this model rotates. Currently I am offering a series for Sexual Abuse Survivors. The group is 10 weeks in duration and open to 8 women. We begin with a group check-in that threads each week together. Next, I introduce the theme for the current session and I guide an Emerge Movement experience that allows an opportunity to connect with the theme. Finally we have an open process/dialogue, among the group, to share our experiences.


Please contact Erika directly to find out more about this group and for pre-screening.