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Where healing and growth are a possibility


All of the services I offer are based on the belief that we each have the internal wisdom and capacity to find wholeness, balance, and health. When we begin to cultivate a greater connection to ourselves – our bodies, minds, heart, and spirit – we have an opportunity to live in a more present, joyful, and meaningful way. 

Moving Inside Out offers three pathways to cultivate this connection to self so that you may bring yourself to your family, relationships, and to the world in a fuller and more joyful way. 


As a Clinical Social Worker, movement educator, and Trainer/Consultant, I have a unique set of skills integrating body mind health. My counseling practice is grounded in the knowledge and understanding of the interplay between body, mind, and emotions. My movement practice is grounded in creating a nurturing space to experience the freedom of play, expression, strength, and greater mobility. My trainings are grounded in an experiential, somatic approach to health and wellness. 

I look forward to connecting with you as you move towards greater health and wellness.

My approach to counseling is to foster a safe and supportive relationship where healing and growth can occur. I do that by being present and collaborating with you to create a plan that addresses your needs.





Emerge Movement is a totally unique experience because each class is based fully in the present moment. I create all my choreography in the moment based on the theme of the class, the energy of the group, and the flow of the music, allowing the experience to emerge.


I offer trainings, workshops, and groups that integrate Body Mind Wellness. As a Consultant I am hired by organizations, schools, mental health organizations, etc. to create and implement a unique curriculum and/or a unique workshop experience to meet their needs.

"You gave our daugher

will power and strength. You helped her learn how to love herself and others and how to see the signs of those that can hurt her. Including at times, herself. And how not to give up on love. You are one of the brightest lit persons I have ever met. You radiate hope for us. Thank you so much for everything." 

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